Our refined dining is based on the finest of Mexico’s traditional recipes while adding international influences. Dining is offered in a variety of settings and exquisitely presented.

One of the outstanding features of our dining experience is that a wide range of organically grown fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats are provided by our own farms and ranch.


Hacienda de San Antonio´s Food Philosophy

The Hacienda de San Antonio and its working Ranch “El Jabali” carry out various practices and are involved in local initiatives to protect the environment and support the local communities encouraging and innovating sustainable practices in our organic agriculture, horticulture, orchards and coffee plantations. One of the main practices used in the Ranch is the Biodynamic farming, from which we have transformed our organic gardens in recent years, yielding our healthiest and most lush produce to date.  90% of all ingredients used in our A la Carte Menu are sourced from the Ranch. In addition, this utmost respect and care for our environment and produce can be experienced at every meal.

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